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U of C pay grades [Sep. 24th, 2008|02:40 pm]
University of Chicago

I hope this isn't taken as an intrusion...I've applied for a job at UChicago and it is listed with pay grade "E-30." The only site I've found to look up these pay grades is at http://hr.uchicago.edu/compensation/salary.html, but I can't look it up as I'm not an employee or student. It's the first link: 2008–2009 Non-Union, Non-IT Salary Scale.

Would anyone be willing to access the page and see if there is any info for E-30?


[User Picture]From: neko4
2008-09-24 08:37 pm (UTC)
Tried logging in with my student ID and it wouldn't accept it; sorry. :/
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From: chitownnewbie
2008-09-24 08:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks for trying, I appreciate it :)
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[User Picture]From: anotherlincoln
2008-09-24 10:42 pm (UTC)
What position is it? Just curious. I don't know the exact numbers offhand, but the midpoint is around 55k. I can check on the full scale for you later.
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[User Picture]From: ruta_skadi
2008-09-24 11:08 pm (UTC)
Here ya go:

(First # is Minimum, Second is Q1, Third is Midpoint, Fourth is Q3, Fifth is Maximum)

Annual: $ 39,664 $ 47,744 $ 55,823 $ 63,901 $ 71,981
Monthly: $ 3,305 $ 3,979 $ 4,652 $ 5,325 $ 5,998
Hourly: $ 20.34 $ 24.48 $ 28.63 $ 32.77 $ 36.91

Sorry if it looks weird. It was organized in a chart so I did the best I could.
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From: chitownnewbie
2008-09-24 11:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!!! That is really going to help my case - they offered me way less than the midpoint :(

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[User Picture]From: agnoster
2008-09-25 03:32 pm (UTC)
In fact, they probably offer less than the midpoint to, like, half the people in that grade. Those bastards!

Now if they offered you less than the minimum, that'd be problematic.
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From: chitownnewbie
2008-09-25 03:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, that would just be insulting. And you're probably correct that Q1 offers are common practice - I know they're just trying to save money. Still, that's why God created counter offers ;)

Thanks again!
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[User Picture]From: agnoster
2008-09-25 03:53 pm (UTC)
Well, of the total people in that pay grade I'd expect 25% to be in Q1. For new hires, I'd expect that to be higher (as pay usually rises over time). Add in the Dunning-Kruger effect, and people will always think life's unfair...
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From: chijobseeker
2010-03-25 09:06 pm (UTC)

same issue

you seem to be the go-to for this, I wonder if you wouldn't mind checking on the E-29 paygrade....?

thanks thanks thanks!
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-10-22 08:05 pm (UTC)

U of C pay grades

I have the same question as the original poster...however the pay grade is E-28. Can anyone help me? Your help is greatly appreciated!!!
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From: chitownnewbie
2008-10-22 09:40 pm (UTC)

Re: U of C pay grades

This is from 2006, so they're probably higher now, but it's better than nothing:

Min salary is $31,497/year, midpoint is $42,601, and max is $53,706
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From: kristenvigo
2009-08-06 03:18 pm (UTC)

What about the pay grade E-25?

I'm trying to figure out the range for pay grade E-25 at UChicago and would be incredibly appreciative if anyone can help me figure this out.
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